August, 2005

Leaving Your Mark on Yankee Stadium

Aug 30, 2005 Posted by

Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig….Scott Harper.   Most of the people that leave their mark at Yankee Stadium are the players.  Although most of you saw the news a couple of weeks ago about this idiot jumping 40 feet into the net at Yankee Stadium, a recent trip to Yankee Stadium shows the indelible mark […]


Taleo’s S-1….Again

Aug 22, 2005 Posted by

For those that haven’t noticed, Taleo has resubmitted their S-1 offering.  This time around (3rd if you haven’t been counting along) Taleo is move quietly and methodically.  They have a lot riding on getting this IPO through now.  Kenexa’s recent market success has wet the appetite for employees, executives, and most importantly venture capital investors, […]


“PeopleSoft” For Sale…

Aug 5, 2005 Posted by

For those interested in owning a piece of PeopleSoft, here is your opportunity. Think of the different spelling combinations you could craft as a metaphor for the Oracle acquisition…"Poop", "Pee-left", "Topple"…


Why We Hate HR

Aug 1, 2005 Posted by

Do you hate HR?  The gap between competency and job requirements is widening for HR professionals.  According to Keith Hammonds at Fast Company, most HR organizations "have ghettoized themselves literally to the brink of obsolescence."  Do most HR organizations "get it"? – in one word – NO.  They want (and need) to be more shareholder […]