November, 2005

The Outsourcing Effect on Stock Price

Nov 30, 2005 Posted by

I just ran across this post from BPO Journal blog and thought it was very interesting… A recent LogicaCMG study investigates the correlation between the announcement of an outsourcing deal and a company’s market valuation one month after the announcement. The findings show that companies that have announced an outsourcing deal perform on average 1.7 […]


Accenture’s HRO Adventure

Nov 29, 2005 Posted by

Many have been wondering why Accenture has been so quiet in HRO this past year.  By all accounts, including my own, Accenture has fallen to the #3 spot in terms of market share (in fact some estimate ADP has even moved into the #3 position). During the past 6 months, they have continued to lose […]


HR Question of the Week?

Nov 28, 2005 Posted by

As you may have observed, I have added a new real-time polling feature on the right sidebar of the blog.  Please take a few seconds to add your response.  Your response will determine the success or failure of this new feature.  Every few weeks, I plan on adding new questions deemed interesting by me (and […]


Best Practices by the Department of Labor

Nov 23, 2005 Posted by

Here in Boston we have an investigative reporter with the local Fox station named Mike Beaudet.  His pieces are down-right hilarious.  I almost fell off my seat with last night’s report, "Daytime Drinkers at the Department of Labor."  The report essentially showed 3 government employees drinking at a local watering hole during working hours, doing […]


Key Issues in Staffing and Recruiting

Nov 22, 2005 Posted by

Jason Goldberg, CEO of Jobster, is currently running a program on his blog called, "5 questions for…", inquiring about the top issues within the HR/employment/staffing industry.  Today he has graciously featured me.  Enjoy!