June, 2006

“Instant Gratification of Apps”

Jun 29, 2006 Posted by

I was at a conference recently when the CEO of a SaaS vendor threw up a slide essentially stating what customers want from his company today…."instant gratification of apps".  I love this short but simple synopsis.  This is quickly becoming the new model for both business and consumer applications. Some attribute this desire for instant […]


Distractions at Work…

Jun 28, 2006 Posted by

This is just classic.  My favorite part…."I don’t bother you at work…"


Why ADP Should Buy Hewitt?

Jun 27, 2006 Posted by

I was recently reading an article in Forbes about ADP’s incoming CEO, Gary Butler, and some of the changes that may be in store when he takes over in August.  Although he states in the article that he has, "…minimal interest in acquisitions that are dilutive beyond a year", I would like to throw out […]


Oracle or SAP – Who Do You Believe?

Jun 26, 2006 Posted by

Oracle says they are taking share in the applications market from SAP.  SAP says they are stealing Oracle customers and increasing market share over Oracle.  So whose lying?  I haven’t looked at the numbers in detail so my default answer is both may be successful in grabbing share in certain applications market.  Here is what […]


How Would You Define the Recruiting Process At Your Company?

Jun 23, 2006 Posted by

I want to know.   Please scroll down the blog and fill out the instant poll (on the left side).  The more that respond, the better the results!