July, 2006

GE’s Growth Approach – Developing Talent & Leadership

Jul 26, 2006 Posted by

I read a great article recently titled, "Growth through the eyes of GE’s Immelt". The Cliff notes version of the article basically states how Immelt, GE’s CEO, is…"now trying to build and innovation engine that is equal to GE’s vaulted productivity process."  Its interesting to note GE’s unique view of six key areas of success… […]


Talent Management Vendors Should Play Fantasy Sports

Jul 25, 2006 Posted by

I was at a talent management vendors’ user conference a few months ago when the CTO used an analogy of their solution with fantasy sports applications.  The first thing that came to mind was…"I wonder if these fantasy sports applications make better corporate managers?" (it should be noted by fantasy record is mixed…I have won […]


What’s HP Play in HRO? – Don’t Believe What You Read

Jul 24, 2006 Posted by

My friend Jessica Marquez over at Workforce Magazine published an article last week about HP recent entry into HRO with the signing of Nestle as an HRO client. The article basically suggests that HP may be poised to make a big play in HRO, especially according to my counterparts at IDC and Everest. Contrary to […]


Guest Post: Thomas Otter – Putting Capital in Human Capital Management

Jul 20, 2006 Posted by

The accountants are coming…. I recently joined a team at SAP that provides advisory services to CFO’s and finance executives at major multinationals in here in Europe. Part of my job is to expand this offering to senior HR types.  For the 12 years or so, I have worked in the HR technology space, mainly […]


Guest Post: Dave Haas – Look Inside Before Going Outside

Jul 19, 2006 Posted by

As a sales executive in the Talent Management space, I speak with prospects every week who have been tasked to go out and find a technology solution that will help them develop and retain their talent base. Oh, if it were that easy.  Any organization seeking to streamline and automate their performance and development initiatives […]