August, 2006

According to Gartner, IT Product Selection No Longer Matters

Aug 31, 2006 Posted by

I’m not sure if Simon Hayward is trying to create controversy for controversy sake but I find his recent blog entry and research note to be quite dumb (and not just because Gartner is a competitor…Jim Holincheck, my counterpart at Gartner that covers HCM, is brilliant!).  In summary, he suggests that selecting a specific IT […]


Is Kenexa Buying BrassRing?

Aug 29, 2006 Posted by

Let me preface by saying, I continue to expect further consolidation in the talent management market as I have written more recently here.    Now, a certain website is reporting that Kenexa has offered to buy BrassRing and the deal expires in 2 weeks.  My initial response to this speculation is mixed.  Kenexa has been […]


Just When You Thought the Airline Industry Couldn’t Get Any Dumber

Aug 24, 2006 Posted by

Northwest Airlines just sent out a handbook to laid-off workers.  What they failed to notice in the list of "101 things the average person could do to save cash" was the actual content on the list…. Take a shorter shower Write a letter instead of using the phone Buy spare car parts at the junkyard […]


On The Bench This Week

Aug 22, 2006 Posted by

On a much-needed vacation in California this week (although the vacation has turned into partial work and client visits).  After the "Boston Massacre" during the past few days, the Giants game on Wednesday should provide some much needed relief.  By the way, I just downloaded Qumana so hopefully I will be able to write a […]


Talent Management Must Be Mutually Benefitting for Employer and Employee (or Candidate)

Aug 16, 2006 Posted by

I was watching NBC Nightly News last week (I really don’t watch that much TV) when they featured a segment on MTV turning 25.  As they went through the segment, they talked about how MTV helped influence modern pop culture throughout the years including showcasing new pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna in the […]