September, 2006

Blogging from HR Technology Conference

Sep 28, 2006 Posted by

Next week I will be attending the HR Technology Conference (also known as the real "HR Tech" and not to be confused with the imposter "HR Tech" conference by IQPC.)  This year is shaping up to be the best HR technology conference ever in terms of interest, exhibitors and attendees. I look forward to some […]


7 Days, 8 States

Sep 25, 2006 Posted by

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Texas,  Illinois, Rhode Island and Connecticut.  My travels have included trains, planes, cabs, vans, subways, cars and I even ran 16 miles in our annual Reach The Beach road race.  I am also working on some great stuff including an HR services & outsourcing study, some upcoming research on performance-driven […]


Requesting a Briefing

Sep 15, 2006 Posted by

Lately (and especially on the eve of the HR Technology Conference) I have been received an overwhelming number of meeting/briefing requests.  A significant portion of my job is understand the products and services out into the market (and I take enjoyment in engaging discussions with vendors).  In many cases, though, my overflowing inbox prevents me […]


Synchronizing Talent & Performance Management

Sep 14, 2006 Posted by

Enough said…        


Betting on Business Strategy

Sep 13, 2006 Posted by

An increasing number of companies including HP, Best Buy, GE, and Google are creating teams that ultimately determine how decisions should be made through engaging collaboration and are encouraging those employees to bet on such strategy (with winners getting actual compensation).  The HP scenario is described in Business 2.0 as such… "On the first Tuesday […]