October, 2006

Moving Your Supply Chain Team to Manage Human Capital

Oct 31, 2006 Posted by

I recently heard a story where a large manufacturing company migrated a large portion of its supply chain team to manage human capital.  As someone with a background in supply chain, both at a large Fortune 300 company as well as a technology vendor, I thought it was brilliant.  Here is why… The supply chain […]


Looking for a Job at Google?

Oct 24, 2006 Posted by

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Laszlo Bock, newly appointed Vice President of People Operations at Google, in this podcast.  Laslo offers some great insight into Google’s hiring process including the fact that every job offer to a prospective candidate is reviewed by the founders and executive management group.  I think Google is doing some […]


“Easy, Intuitive, Immediate”

Oct 23, 2006 Posted by

That is how a fellow Irregular, Dennis Howlett, recently described this new breed of "user-designed [enterprise] software".  "…Technology has advanced beyond the IT desk.  Open APIs are becoming widgets.  Solutions have become IT-less.  Line-of-business is now making purchasing decisions exclusive of IT. Consumer technology vendors have take on the mantra, design first…function second". I couldn’t […]


Showcasing My Talent Management Skills

Oct 19, 2006 Posted by

For those interested in understanding my talent management skills, here is my American fantasy football roster this year… QB – Carson PalmerWR – Anquan BoldinWR – Darrell JacksonRB – Larry JohnsonRB – Joseph AddaiTE – Antonio GatesD – CarolinaK – Shayne Graham After a tough loss last week, my team is now 3-3.  I think […]


Room with a View…

Oct 18, 2006 Posted by

Trying out the new camera feature on the Blackberry Pearl (yes that is the Washington Monument in the background)…