November, 2006

The Breakout of SaaS

Nov 29, 2006 Posted by

According to Nick Carr of "IT doesn’t matter" infamy, McKinsey is set to release a study suggesting widespread and robust adoption of SaaS, even at Global 2000 companies. "Large companies appear to be jumping en masse onto the software-as-a-service bandwagon, according to a new survey of CIOs by management consultants McKinsey & Company. The survey […]


The Past, Present and Future of My Research

Nov 28, 2006 Posted by

This has been a quite exciting year for our research.  We have been active participants on the discussion and debates of talent management, HR outsourcing, workplace trends and, most importantly,  what companies can do to extend and build a competitive advantage in human capital through technology and outsourcing.  This past year we have published 11 […]


Vendor Mudslinging Reaches All-time Lows

Nov 27, 2006 Posted by

I recently heard a story where one of the larger vendors in the talent management space sent a prospective client a complete slide deck regarding the weaknesses of one of their top competitors including a statement saying the vendor was due to get acquired any day.  FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) in its greatest sense. […]


Taleo Announces Performance Management; SuccessFactors Releases Recruiting Management

Nov 22, 2006 Posted by

Last week, Taleo announced they are building a "performance management suite".  After shopping for a performance acquisition over the past year (and coming close to at least one deal) they have finally made the decision to build.  My initial thoughts is that Taleo may be arriving a little late to the party.  I admire their […]


Sharing Time Off

Nov 21, 2006 Posted by

I stumbled on a heart-wrenching story yesterday in the Boston Globe regarding a local company, MedAptus, that changed their PTO policy to accommodate a family’s need to tend to a sick child.  Seems many companies are now adopting simpler PTO initiatives, and these new initiatives are actually inspiring more donation programs. As someone with an […]