January, 2007

Continuing My Web 2.0 Journey

Jan 31, 2007 Posted by

I spent the past few weeks continuing my ambition of becoming a Web 2.0 worker. My pursuit started over a year ago with the creation of this blog (TypePad) and becoming a member of the Enterprise Irregulars (Google Groups).  Although I am still a novice web 2.0 worker, here are some recent personal enhancements: Migrating […]


Is Transparency a Good Thing?

Jan 29, 2007 Posted by

The author of Freaknomics, who also writes a blog, wrote a post today about "The Beauty (and Danger) of Transparency".  The nuts and bolts of the post basically talks about how the new senator from Montana, Jon Tester, has opened up his calendar for all to view… "Jon Tester, the new senator from Montana, posts […]


The End of Job Boards As We Know It?

Jan 25, 2007 Posted by

Many have been predicting the end of the traditional job boards such as CareerBuilder, Monster, and Dice for some time now.  Yet the big boards still continue to chug along just as the web 2.0 ankle-biters continue to throw stones.  What has been on the rise, though, are niche job boards that are starting to […]


What’s Wrong with SaaS?

Jan 22, 2007 Posted by

In one word…pricing.  Or more specifically increased pricing complexity.  SaaS was supposed to be about pricing simplicity and transparency whereas the software was non-negotiable, pricing was straight-forward (per user), and the vendor maintained a take-it-or-leave-it approach.  Wall Street, in conjunction, embraced and rewarded the SaaS vendors because it has enabled them to build repeatability and […]


I’ve Finally Found My Dream Job – Chief Beer Officer!

Jan 19, 2007 Posted by

Why did I have to learn about this position after the application process ended…