May, 2007

Ceridian Becomes the Latest Company to Embrace Private Equity Dollars

May 30, 2007 Posted by

The Knowledge Infuser blog has asked my for my thoughts on today’s announcement that Ceridian is going private as part of an acquisition by a handful of private equity firms.   Needless to say, the Ceridian drama has been interesting to watch over the past few months, including a fight with a major shareholder over whether to spin […]


Welcome to the Blogsphere Phil Fersht

May 29, 2007 Posted by

Let me extend a warm welcome to my former Yankee colleague (and boss) Phil Fersht with his new blog, Horses for Sources.  I’ve been trying to convince Phil about this blogging thing for a year now.  Nice to see he has made the jump.  We look forward to some existing insights into the world of […]


Confessions of a Google Recruit

May 24, 2007 Posted by

Seems one recent Google recruit, Jeff Barr, is a little miffed at the recruitment process at Google. According to Jeff… “…they were almost ready to make the “can’t refuse” offer but the process became bogged down when I couldn’t recall my college GPA. Given that I earned my degree in 1985 and have been earning […]


The Youngest CEO in America?

May 22, 2007 Posted by

I’m not sure if he is the youngest CEO out there but I think we found our newest YouTube star (thanks to VentureBeat for the discovery)…


The Lessening Influence of Gartner

May 17, 2007 Posted by

Vinnie Mirchandani, former Gartner analyst, recently wrote a interesting analysis of Gartner’s diminishing influence in the enterprise.   In Vinnie’s view, “…I read my former Gartner colleague Jonathan Yarmis rave about its growing “influence” – and I pause. Most CIOs I talk to have not increased spend with Gartner the last few years. Most think its […]