July, 2007

Want To Work for Diddy?

Jul 31, 2007 Posted by

P. Diddy is taking video applications now… Skills and competencies for the job are described here, but just in case you don’t want to watch, you “must be able to read and count”…  Technorati Tags: human capital, job application, diddy


SuccessFactors IPO – My Take and What It Means for HCM

Jul 23, 2007 Posted by

On Friday, SuccessFactors filed their S-1, entering themselves into the relm of a soon-to-be publicly-traded company (with a new fancy logo and everything). A copy of the S-1 filing can be found here. This has been rumored for a few months now. As recently as last month, someone suggested to me that they had already […]


Showcasing the Importance of Human Capital

Jul 18, 2007 Posted by

I saw this post on TechCrunch on how the CEO of a technology startup was using a flat panel display in his office to show key real time stats for the company.  It got me thinking…how cool would it be to walk in the HR executives office and see real-time human capital stats such as total employees, […]


Leverage YouTube for Revenue Generation

Jul 12, 2007 Posted by

I have seen a handful of these “Will It Blend” videos on YouTube in the past. They are classic stuff featuring cheesy 70′s music and a guy in a lab coat and safety glasses putting things a blender that shouldn’t be there.  The most recent video features our host putting an iPhone into the blender.  Topical…funny…absolutely brilliant. At first, I […]


The Boeing 787 Dreamliner – A Textbook Example of How to Launch a Successful Product

Jul 10, 2007 Posted by

Yesterday, Boeing announced its first fully assembled 787 Dreamliner, the newest airline destined to change the aviation industry.  What was especially impressive to me in the announcement were two things… 1. How CEO Jim McNerney was able to clearly articulate the new jets value proposition.  In his words, the new aircraft is… “dramatic improvement in […]