October, 2007

Trick or Treat – Kronos Buys Deploy Solutions

Oct 31, 2007 Posted by

Want my thoughts?  Check them out on the Center of Excellence…


The Candidate Experience at Home Depot

Oct 30, 2007 Posted by

This is the candidate experience at my local Home Depot.  A couple of things that stood out… 1. This picture was taken while standing in the return line (exact location).  Right in the middle of the danger zone of returning 2×4′s.  Want any privacy…think again! 2. Doesn’t that chair just screams, “sit here and apply now”?  […]


User Interfaces Shouldn’t Be "Sexy"

Oct 24, 2007 Posted by

Can we please stop saying “…and the user interface is sexy”!  User interfaces should not be “sexy” nor are they!  User interfaces should be clean and simple, presenting only the information necessary for the task at hand.  The user interface should be designed with the end user as the sole focus, not how the applications and […]


Are Competencies Overrated?

Oct 22, 2007 Posted by

Over the past two years (but even longer than that), I have been watching everyone talk about “competencies” and that competencies are critical to a talent management strategy.  While competencies are important, and embedded content will increasingly become more important in the talent management race, companies continue to struggle for that right competency model.  Should […]


Want to Be Inspired Today?

Oct 19, 2007 Posted by

I stumbled upon this great story on the Lance Armstrong Foundation site.  Its about a professor, Randy Pausch, who was recently given a few weeks to live.  It is a moving story and I would encourage you all to read it or you can also see the whole thing on YouTube. Technorati Tags: Lance Armstrong, Randy Pausch