December, 2007

Happy Holidays – Time to Start Planning for Next Year…

Dec 25, 2007 Posted by

This guy puts my one tree with lights to shame…


I’ll Shut Up Now!

Dec 23, 2007 Posted by

Since my post 1o days ago claiming SuccessFactors as the most valuable HCM vendor, the company has plummeted.  The company has lost over $210 million in value and is now worth $526 million.  Conversely, Taleo has had a great run over the past few weeks and is now valued at nearly $1 billion ($860 million).   […]


Creating Customer Loyalty

Dec 17, 2007 Posted by

Since the weather sucked in New England this past weekend, I logged a bunch of NFL football hours.  Three great outcomes: 1) the Patriots won, going 14-0, 2) my fantasy team won, making it into the league finals next week, 3) Burger King ran a bunch of commercials during the day and won me over […]


What Happens to HCM and Talent Management Investments in a Recession?

Dec 13, 2007 Posted by

That seems to be the question I’ve been getting more frequently from vendors, financial analysts and enterprises alike.  The fear of a recession is everywhere, including Europe as witnessed last week while I was travelling through the UK and Germany. Although a recession in the US is becoming very much a reality, I think we […]


SuccessFactors Now the Most Valuable HCM Vendor

Dec 12, 2007 Posted by

  If market capitalization is any indicator of a company’s current or future success, then SuccessFactors is in good shape.   Today, SuccessFactors became the most valuable HCM vendor, surpassing Taleo in market capitalization.  When you look at market capitalization across the publicly traded HCM vendors, the valuations are quite interesting… SuccessFactors – $737m Taleo – […]