January, 2008

When Talent Becomes Obsession

Jan 21, 2008 Posted by

As a former Foxboro resident, I am a fan of the Patriots and Tom Brady, but this guy takes his fanaticism a little to far…


Tesla Motors Gets It All Wrong

Jan 11, 2008 Posted by

For those that don’t know Tesla Motors, they are a startup automobile manufacturer, based in Silicon Valley, touting the first electric sportscar.  The car looks sharp and the  features they are touting are quite impressive: 100% electric 0-60 in under 4 seconds 135 mpg equivalent 220 miles per charge less than 2 cents per mile […]


Workstream Likely To Be Acquired

Jan 9, 2008 Posted by

During Workstream’s earnings call today, Chairman Mike Mullarkey stated that the company has decided to move forward with the unsolicited offer and has signed a letter of intent to merger with the “US-based payroll business”. The companies are moving forward aggressively and have about 2 weeks, or until January 25th, to come to terms on […]


The Best HCM Blog You Probably Aren’t Reading Yet

Jan 7, 2008 Posted by

OK…this post may be a little self-serving but last quarter we launched the Consultant’s Corner blog on the Knowledge Infusion Center of Excellence.    The blog is intended to provide real-life observations from our consultants that are out in the field everyday working with enterprise clients on HCM and talent management strategy.  I have truly found […]


The Human Capitalist Agenda in 2008

Jan 4, 2008 Posted by

I was reviewed the blogs metrics for the year and thought I would share with my readers the information about the site over the past year.  I do this primarily to understand what people are interested in so I can do a better job.  So here are some questions (and answers) about the site in […]