June, 2008

Taleo Begins Vurv Integration By Eliminating Jobs

Jun 24, 2008 Posted by

On Friday, Taleo announced eliminating approximately 160 jobs at Vurv as part of the acquisition integration.  Based on my most recent estimates, that is over 50% of Vurv’s total workforce.  With any merger integration, their will be job duplication that needs to be streamlined.  I can’t say this wasn’t unexpected but obviously it seems much […]


On Taking Risks

Jun 23, 2008 Posted by

This weekend I read a great article in Fortune titled, “Where Does Google Go Next?”    The article’s main theme was about much of Google’s premium talent that is starting to leave the company to start their own ventures.  Even with the great perks and the “20% time” policy where Google employees use one day a […]


Watching a Talent Management Strategy Destruct in Front of Our Eyes

Jun 19, 2008 Posted by

Watching what has been happening over at Yahoo over the past few months is sad.  It seems every notable blogger in and out of Silicon Valley has been critical of CEO Jerry Yang and board regarding the present (failed merger with Microsoft) and future (vision?) of Yahoo. Back in May, a good friend, Jeff Nolan, […]


LinkedIn Now Valued at Over $1 Billion

Jun 17, 2008 Posted by

Today, LinkedIn announced a new round of funding, raising $53 million to fund growth of its four revenue streams (one of which is recruiting focused). As a result of the funding, LinkedIn is now valued at over $1 billion. The $1 billion valuation for LinkedIn is the latest in a series of deals that have […]


Can Workstream Survive?

Jun 13, 2008 Posted by

Late today, Workstream announced the termination of its proposed merger agreement with Empagio.  Presumably, the faltering stock price, now hovering around $0.30, is likely one of the reasons for the separation. Immediately after the merger agreement was signed, Workstream quickly replaced a majority of the management team.  Last quarter, losses increased significantly due to interest […]