January, 2009

Should Organizations Create a Social Index and Rate Individuals "Social Score"?

Jan 30, 2009 Posted by

Last week, in a conversation with Jeremiah Owyang, Forrester’s social media analyst, we discussed how social collaboration can impact HR and talent management by creating a “social score”.  This week, the Wall Street Journal published an article, “Engineering Firm Charts Ties”,  about how many companies are now starting to use “social network analysis” to map […]


Has Google’s Fabled Recruiting Model Lost Its Luster?

Jan 19, 2009 Posted by

Last week, with unique transparency, Google’s VP of People Operations Laszlo Bock  announced they were laying off 100 recruiters (approximately 25% of their recruiter headcount).  When I first read the statement, my first thought was, “…do they really have over 400 internal recruiters?”  Prior to the announcement Google’s recruiters accounted for approximately 2-4% of the […]


What to Expect from the Knowledge Infusion Center of Excellence in 2009

Jan 15, 2009 Posted by

By all accounts — considering the goals we set and measured for the Knowledge Infusion Center of Excellence — 2008 was a great year.  For those unfamiliar, the Center of Excellence offers the deepest insight, community and collaboration for human capital management and talent management professionals.  So, what did we do in 2008: We launched […]


Should Recruiters Be Planning Succession?

Jan 13, 2009 Posted by

I was on a client call last week when they asked, “…what should we do with all of our recruiters now that we are scaling back our hiring in 2009?” The answer to that question is very easy—succession planning!  At most organizations, succession planning still lacks broader knowledge, context and objectivity.  It typically overlooks an […]


4 Hours with Al Gore

Jan 5, 2009 Posted by

I’ve had some interesting travel experiences over the past few years including sharing an elevator with the Hulkster in NYC, passing customs in Heathrow with George Michael and chatting with Mark Cuban at the Palms in Vegas.  Nothing matched my experience, though, sitting next to Al Gore on my flight Saturday night.  Although we didn’t […]