March, 2009

"Here Come the Water Works"

Mar 27, 2009 Posted by

One of my readers recently suggested, “…seems like you need something funny after trying to interpret the Taleo accounting article. That’s really dry stuff”. Thankfully, that same person has offered some humor in the form of “Little Gordon”.  If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares, you will definitely enjoy the  video […]


Will Taleo’s Changes in Revenue Recognition Change SaaS?

Mar 24, 2009 Posted by

Late yesterday, Taleo announced changes to their revenue recognition policy.  The impact of these changes are: Taleo  will defer $18 mln consulting services revenue (consulting services deferred revenue was previously at $3 mln).  Total revenue under contract will not be impacted The company will restate financial statements for the years ended Dec. 31, 2003 through […]


My Type of Talent Pool

Mar 18, 2009 Posted by

Courtesy of Josh Schwede of HireRight Solutions…   Technorati Tags: talent pool


HR…Want to Learn How to Do Social Collaboration? Check out Sodexo!

Mar 2, 2009 Posted by

You may not know Sodexo but there is a good chance you have experienced one of their services recently.  Whether its a hospital cafeteria, a campus cafe, or your company’s landscaping.  Sodexo is the company the provides food and facilities services with 350,000 employees worldwide. Why do I care about them, you ask?  Because they […]