Can We Achieve “The Future of Work” Today?

Jan 11, 2012 Posted by

The “future of work” seems to be a popular topic these days. Vinnie Mirchandani shared some “macro trends” recently discussing real-life use cases of toddlers and iPads, the growth of telepresence in the enterprise and using QR codes in retail. Yvette Cameron of Constellation Research shares more concrete examples of how HR can usher in a new era of work by embracing tools and technologies for collaboration and productivity.

So the question, “are we ready for the future of work today”? While case studies are beginning to emerge regarding the use of new social and collaborative technologies, I have been disappointed that most companies still have not fully embraced new work models. I sense collaboration and the use of technology is being leveraged proficiently amongst individuals and teams but lack corporate awareness and an overarching strategy that can benefit both organizations and  individuals alike.

Why have companies yet to fully embrace the new social world? In two words, its hard. You need risk-takers. CEO’s that are willing to immediately embrace the new technology in front of their employees. HR executives that have a vision for the future and can manage risk. IT departments that are willing overcome the legacy challenges and lose their rigidity.

Embracing new technologies can be dangerous as was recently exposed in a Techcrunch post and their use of Yammer. While some employees view the tool as highly valuable, others expressed frustration with its experience. Ultimately, the future of work must support the business strategy while maintain, evolving or even creating a culture of collaboration.

What do you think is the biggest challenge preventing the future of work?

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