How Integrated Talent Management Breaks Down HR Silos

Aug 16, 2013 Posted by

Are HR silos holding your company back from being the best it can be? Gayle Loving, principal consultant at Cornerstone OnDemand, explains how employees are less engaged, new hires bring less to the game and productivity suffers when HR departments aren’t strategically integrated.

While silos can’t – and shouldn’t – be removed entirely, recognizing the silos and breaking them down is the next best step, writes Loving. Let’s start with talent management, since that’s where every employee enters the company by being assigned to a department.

HR managers should take a new approach to hiring by looking for people with skills that can help the company grow and with the potential to develop into future leaders. “That means our competencies must be business-driven so that we leverage behavioral interviewing to acquire the best talent with a high possibility to be successful in our organization,” writes Loving.

Loving says integrated talent management is the solution for producing real results to look beyond silos. In fact, Bersin by Deloitte found that companies with ITM have 40 percent lower turnover among high performers, and 87 percent greater ability to “hire the best people.”

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