Passed Over the First Time, But Perfect for the Job

Jul 26, 2013 Posted by

When the Great Recession struck, employers got a lot pickier about hiring. But even with job openings at their highest level since 2008, employers are still being highly selective about who they recruit — and some are having a tough time filling spots.

Here’s a suggestion: revisit the candidates the company previously spurned, both because these recruits might have new skills and also because they may have been perfectly qualified for a job that proved to be too competitive before.canstockphoto3860525

Moving from an “I need” to an “I want” approach

When times are tough, and employment rates are high, employers often pass up qualified candidates. By returning to the “rejects”, companies tap into an existing pool of talent — one that’s made up of people who endured multiple interviews and handled rejection with grace.

More than meets the eye when recruiting 

A recent report from Evolv found that 72 percent of new employees did not have prior experience related to their new job, yet there was no difference in attrition rates between those who did and did not have prior experience. Get to know the candidate beyond what’s on their resume.

Rejection impacts people differently

Losing out on a job the first time around can either motivate the passed-up candidate who gets hired later on or make him more likely to jump ship at the first job opportunity that comes his way. To minimize the risk of turnover, it’s important to make these candidates feel included and valued.

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Image via The Wall Street Journal