Raw Talent is Good, But…

Aug 21, 2007 Posted by

image The author of Freaknomics writes a great blog.  Yesterday’s post was particularly interesting, discussing “raw talent” versus “deliberate practice”.  As he writes, “’raw talent,’ as it’s often called, is vastly overrated, and that people who become very good at something, whether it’s sports, music, or medicine, generally do so through a great deal of ‘deliberate practice’”. 

As the author writes…

There are at least three key elements to deliberate practice:

1. Setting specific goals.  (Translation…everything should have a desired outcome)
2. Obtaining immediate feedback.
3. Concentrating as much on technique as on outcome.

Translation…1) every activity, whether is sports or business, should have a desired outcome, 2) qualifiable input is required as much as quantifiable evidence, and 3) creating a repeatable, predictable approach is essential for success.