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Let’s Stop … Fearing the Cloud

Sep 11, 2013 Posted by

Turns out, software runs the planet. Who knew? Okay, everyone knows that. Then why in holy hell do we allow our friends, family and/or colleagues to fear the cloud? In this instance, fear can be confused with ignorance. In my vast (overreach?) experience, the anti-cloud paranoia tends to fall into two buckets: Ineptitude  … and/or… The […]

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The Emergence of Data Scientists

Dec 5, 2012 Posted by

Every year around this time, I like to do a tour of companies, mostly startups, in Silicon Valley.  It’s a chance for me to get annual pulse on new trends in “the valley”. Silicon Valley is like no other place.  When I grew up there many years ago it was a much different place.  At […]

Cornerstone OnDemand + Sonar6 = Spectacular Like

Mar 13, 2012 Posted by

As you may have noticed, we are setting sail on a new, exciting journey at Cornerstone OnDemand. Last week, we announced the acquisition of Sonar6. Sonar6, based in Auckland, New Zealand, represents the first acquisition for Cornerstone and a huge opportunity that accelerates our strategy to deliver the best talent management solutions to companies of […]