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Talent Makes or Breaks an Organization

Apr 1, 2014 Posted by

“You can’t train against your nature. Ninety-five percent of successful people are in vocations that allow them to do what they do best.” — D. Scott Trettenero You don’t pay your employees to do a job. You pay them to think about and deliver the best, most efficient and most profitable response in each moment. The […]

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When You Lose Top Talent, Who’s to Blame?

Mar 18, 2014 Posted by

Two situations came across my desk this week. In the first situation, a client was looking for guidance regarding an employee who continually found reasons to avoid taking ownership of his work and to find fault with others. This employee needs to go. The second situation involved a friend of mine who is a great […]

3 Ways to Activate Kick-Ass Employee Performance

Feb 19, 2014 Posted by

Managers are forever striving to understand employees — why they leave, why they stay, what inspires them, what deflates them (the list goes on). With this information, bosses can develop a more significant talent management response, and know how to activate kick-ass employee performance. But how? Though there is list after list published all over […]

5 Lessons on Change from the Crawley’s and Downton Abbey

Feb 13, 2014 Posted by

Any fans of the PBS drama Downton Abbey out there? What better place to explore change than through the lens of an aristocratic family (the Crawley’s) and their servants in post-World War I 1900s? At Downton there are change agents and change resisters. Newfangled contraptions (like electric lights and, gasp, a telephone) that are toys […]

How to Explain the Why

Jan 31, 2014 Posted by

I have long been a fan of the word Why. In fact, I think Why is one of the most powerful communicative tools available to us. At my last organization, the buzz-word phrase was “Explain the Why”. Theoretically it’s a good concept, but it isn’t simple. When we did Explain the Why, the explanation always seemed a little empty to me. […]

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