User Interfaces Shouldn’t Be "Sexy"

Oct 24, 2007 Posted by

Can we please stop saying “…and the user interface is sexy”!  User interfaces should not be “sexy” nor are they!  User interfaces should be clean and simple, presenting only the information necessary for the task at hand.  The user interface should be designed with the end user as the sole focus, not how the applications and workflow should look and be laid out nicely on the screen. 

Don’t get me wrong…UI is important and I have been talking a lot about usability for the past 3 years.  I really think though, many of the HCM application vendors are missing the boat, investing in fancy-pants AJAX-Flex technology and attempting to drive users into their application instead of going to where the users hang out…primarily Microsoft Office, Google, and their defined home page of choice (mine happens to be iGoogle).  That means utilizing third-party plugins, building widgets, enabling RSS, etc.

As I mentioned on the Analyst Panel at HR Technology Conference, innovation to me isn’t necessarily finding that next breakthrough, but delivering incremental functionality (ie a Microsoft Outlook plugin) that advances the way people use the application.

Now time for the shameless plug, if you haven’t yet visited the Center of Excellence, please go check it out.  Register if you may.  Just please don’t call it “sexy”!

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