Why Managers Must Invest in Millennial Engagement

Aug 22, 2013 Posted by

Millennials have been the center of criticism for being lazy, motivated by money and needing a pat on the back. But, there is more to the company perks they’re demanding. And they might have a point.

Office space with natural light and premier technology only begin the list of what Millennials are asking for, writes Mike Carden, vice president of small business operations at Cornerstone OnDemand. Gen Y is also hungry for challenging work, but managers may have to push their “like” button once they’ve completed a task.

“We know that if Millennials aren’t positively challenged and appreciated they’ll get bored and frustrated and leave (instead of hanging on, bored and grumbling in frustration around the water cooler like Gen X). Gen Y needs instant feedback,” writes Carden.

And when it comes to social media, they’re more connected than ever. Want to know what Millennials are up to? Check out their Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and blogs — it’s all public information in their world with professional and private lives overlapping, writes Carden.

Carden provides five tips for Millennial performance management:

  1. Focus on collaboration, transparency and sharing goals
  2. Create an open environment for questioning the current standard
  3. Provide feedback on an as-you-go basis to stimulate employees
  4. Focus on results
  5. Recognize achievements beyond the typical duties

Read more at the Cornerstone OnDemand blog.

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